Business Server Virtualisation

Servers have traditionally been allocated to run certain tasks or business applications. This would usually mean an application would have a dedicated server for optimal performance and this would also simplify the process of identifying any issues.

Problems can arise with this server setup. Server infrastructures can grow very quickly, whilst also under using the processing power of each individual server and increasing the overall power consumption.

Server Virtualisation allows a single server to run numerous "Virtual Servers" each operating the specific task allocated to it. Each Virtual Server can run its own Operating System independently of the host server.

This allows a business to maximise the processing power of an individual server by running Applications and Tasks on individual Virtual Servers.

A Host Server then has the ability to dynamically allocate processing power to the Applications that require it ant any given time.

Reasons to Adopt Server Virtualisation


As you can run multiple Virtual Servers on one Physical Server, you can maximise the power and storage of the Physical Server. This demands less hardware, less space and less power and therefore costs you less money.


By using Virtual Servers, a Business can run the same application on multiple Physical Servers. Should one Physical Server fail, an application can continue to run on another server meaning no downtime.


Virtual Servers are flexible and can be allocated as much processing power as they require for a particular task. This can be manually increased/decreased or dynamically controlled by the host Operating System.

Ease of Management

Transferring applications from one Server to another has traditionally been a long and expensive task, as well as having the potential to cause issues along the way. A Virtual Server can be transferred to another Physical Server as easily as dragging and dropping a folder on your desktop.

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Sever Virtualisation is a bespoke designed solution unique to your Business' requirements. Implementation of Virtual Servers are planned from the ground up depending upon your needs. For more information on Virtualisation and how it could help your business, please call 0131 202 6902 or email your enquiry to

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Hosted Email Edinburgh

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