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Vodafone One Net Express

Never Miss A Call Again. Vodafone One Net Express allows small and medium sized business' to fully integrate their Mobile Phones with their Business Landlines.

One Net Express from Vodafone provides a full set of call handling features which means that calls can be managed efficiently and professionally from anywhere.

So How Does Vodafone One Net Express Work?

One Net Express combines your business mobiles phones with your business landline number. Calls to both mobile and landline number will transfer to where you need them without the traditional call divert charges.

Vodafone One Net Express also allows you to have multiple UK Landline numbers routing to your company mobile phones. Expand the reach of your business whilst also appearing local.

A range of Call handling features means that Vodafone One Net Express can provide an experience more commonly found with an expensive office telephone system. One voicemail for both landline and mobile phone means that messages are always accessible allowing you to increase the efficiency and productivity of your business.

Find out how Vodafone One Net Express can help your business. Call FNBG Business Cost Consultants on 0131 202 6902

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One Net Express

  • Landline and Mobile Calls on One Device
  • Transfer Existing Telephone Numbers
  • Virtual UK Landline Numbers
  • One Supplier, One Bill

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  • Easy to Manage
  • Puts you in Control of Call Routing and Transfer
  • No Expensive Call Divert Charges

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Sharer Plans

  • Share Minutes and Texts
  • 3000 minutes to Landlines per handset
  • Use Hunt Groups so you never miss a call

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Single User Plans

  • Ideal for Sole Traders
  • Be in the Office even when you're not
  • More professional than Advertising a Mobile Number

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